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What are the ADA guidelines for the self storage industry?

Storage Disability ProductsTitle III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits private entities from discriminating against individuals with disabilities by maintaining places of business that are not physically accessible. The Act requires that places of public accommodation remove architectural barriers that limit access to or use of the public place. The term “public accommodation” in the ADA generally encompasses all private businesses that offer goods and services to the public, including self storage facilities.

Although self storage operators are currently subject to all the ADA building access regulations applicable to structures generally, the 2010 Standards included space accessibility “scoping requirements” that provide that facilities must identify a specific number of units as accessible to be compliant. Based on these Standards, storage operators need to consider if they have thoroughly inspected their property for ADA compliance and whether a property audit is required.

To view the scoping requirements for storage facilities, click here. provides the materials necessary for today’s self storage owner to ensure his facility meets ADA’s scoping requirements. We provide a complete indoor unit retrofit kit and outdoor unit retrofit kit that is easy to install by your facility manager or door provider. To view our products, click here.

View the guidelines for ADA measurements here.

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